What Others Are Saying

Our personal relationship and walk with a word like ‘virtuous’ or ‘devoted’ and even ‘holy’ works its way into our lives in its richest form when we have companions like Jordan Haddad walk beside us; friends who endure to incorporate Christ fully into their life each and every day.

As classmates at Seminary, teammates in basketball, and brothers in prayer, Jordan has for many years been that inspiration and teacher for me. Neither afraid to ask questions nor receive them, his thoughts and life and vocation is in constant communion with God, the Church, and his community. To Jordan, there is no separation between our life and church; there is no lukewarm in the short walk we have to the eternity that awaits.

– Fr. Joshua Johnson, Priest for the Diocese of Baton Rouge and Presenter with Ascension Press


I have had the privilege of being Jordan Haddad’s Dean, professor and friend the last four years, and I can attest to his personal integrity, his fidelity to the mind of the Church and his love for Jesus Christ. Jordan is a modest fellow, in a manner that well suits a budding intellectual, but he is unafraid to deploy the force of rational argument in service to his quest for truth, wherever it may be found. He works out of a thoroughly Catholic mindset, demonstrating his unwillingness to yield to the constrictions of this or that ideology. He also thinks out of a vibrant faith rooted in Christ and open to the Spirit’s sometimes surprising lead, which allows space for some very fresh insights. I heartily recommend to you his writing as well worth your investment of time and attention.

– Tom Neal, PhD, Professor of Spiritual Theology and Academic Dean of Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans, LA