On a Trump Presidency and Eternal Life: Pope Benedict XVI has a question for you

January 20, 2017

Currently, I am reading (and at times re-reading) my way through Pope Benedict XVI’s papal encyclicals, exhortations, and addresses, and I came across this very pointed question in his encyclical on Christian hope, Spe Salvi.  After speaking of baptism and faith’s necessary relationship to eternal life, the Roman pontiff emeritus asks rather pointedly: “Do we really want this — to live eternally?” (#10) What at first sight appears to be a…


Learning to love with the Holy Family of Nazareth

December 30, 2016

Recently my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, a daughter named Lily Marie.  Her addition to our family has been more powerful and joy-filled than we could have ever imagined, though this is not to ignore the exhaustion that comes with a newborn!  Here’s a picture of her: By naming her Lily Marie we wanted to honor two Saints who have been and continue to be…


A Review of Pope Benedict’s “Last Testament”

November 20, 2016

I recently finished reading Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s last book-length interview, Last Testament: In His Own Words, with Peter Seewald (the same journalist that interviewed and wrote of him for God and the World, Salt of the Earth, Light of the World, and Benedict XVI).  It is difficult to describe the thoughts and feelings that continue to run through my mind knowing that this is undoubtedly the final time I…


Father Ratzinger’s Other Copernican Revolution

June 30, 2016

Perhaps there has never been a more impactful scientific paradigm shift in human history than the adoption of Nicolaus Copernicus’ heliocentric view of the solar system. In coming to the fore, it necessarily usurped the reigning Ptolemaic and Aristotelian geocentrism, which held that the earth was the center of the universe. Beyond the mere scientific implications that this has had upon the scientific communities of Copernicus’ day and beyond, this…