Daddy, How Did He Die?

December 15, 2016

As a father of three little girls (ages 5.5, basically 4, and 2.5), it’s not terribly often that I go to Mass on Sunday and am able to sit there, really concentrating, absorbing the liturgy, and just resting in the silence.  Much more common, for me, are trips to the back of the church so someone who swore they didn’t have to go to the bathroom can avoid an emergency just…


The Jim Gaffigan Show ends & how to live your personal vocation

August 24, 2016

Recently Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan, the unspeakably hilarious yet incredibly balanced Catholic power-couple, announced that they will be ending their TV Land comedy series, The Jim Gaffigan Show, after just two seasons.  Despite the name, the series was a mutual collaboration between both Jim and Jeannie as both co-wrote the episodes and were executive producers together.  Thus, the decision to end the show was, undoubtedly, a family one. In a message…