The Dust of Death

March 1, 2017

Yesterday I witnessed the famed Faquetaique Courir de Mardi Gras.  In addition to the chasing of chickens, there was Cajun music, a wide variety of costumes, and a general sense of festivity and camaraderie.  Sadly, yes, there were some who overindulged in alcohol and others who allowed the festive spirit to carry them into a kind of hedonistic fervor, but that was not the point of the event.  Families, groups…


That Article About Purgatory

November 2, 2016

It’s all souls day, so it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that the priest on this site wants to publish a defense of the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. Really, there are many such explanations out there on the interwebs, but none of them are on this site yet, so here it goes.  It’s simple really, I want to give your, our readers, two basic arguments for purgatory. Alright, let’s start with…