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Where the Real Revolution is Happening: The DNC and WYD

As last night’s Democratic National Convention concluded, one might be tempted to think that the political eschaton is upon us. Judging from the shiny lights, the endless balloons, and the speeches of Michelle and Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine, Bill Clinton, and many others, it would be somewhat understandable to conclude that Hillary Clinton is our secular messianic second coming, the one who will usher in a period of…


On the Lost Gift of Praise

Several years ago, as I was flipping through Fr. Michael Scanlan’s little guide to prayer, Appointment With God, I was taken aback by his description of his own daily “appointment” with the Lord.  In it he mentioned that he typically spends around 15 minutes a day in a prayer of “praise”.  Fr. Scanlan, of course, is the remarkable priest whose efforts transformed a dingy unheard of college into the Franciscan University…


In Defense of the Centurion: A Response to Christine Horner of the Huffington Post

Recently Christine Horner of The Huffington Post penned this controversial open letter to our very own Roman pontiff, Pope Francis. In it she expresses her hopes that Pope Francis will remove the part of Communion where we Roman Catholics pray an adapted version of the words of the centurion of great faith as found in the New Testament: Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but…


Finding the Gospel in The Sandlot

One of the great beauties of Catholic theology is its insistence that almost anything can become a way of evangelization.  This is strikingly true in film, though it may not be so apparent to us today.  Since we’re in the midst of the 4th of July weekend, I thought it would be a good time to show how one can find Christ in unexpected places like the 1993 baseball/Ameircana classic…


A Love-Hate Relationship: American Catholicism Before the Revolution

In light of our upcoming celebration of Independence Day, the day we commemorate the official signing and adoption of the Declaration of Independence contra Great Britain, it seems fitting for us American Catholics to take a step back and survey from whence we came. This appreciation  of our past can only improve our understanding of our identity and the historical circumstances that have shaped its development as uniquely American yet…


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