Our Friends

If one is to truly be Catholic, it will require being part of a community of others all trying to live for the Glory of God and in service to the Church.  Here are some of our other friends online doing their part to be the light of the world.  Check them out!

Norman Faucheux

Our logo was designed by Norman, and he’s got a fantastic sample of his other works at his website.  If you want original, contemporary, biblically-inspired sacred art, Norman is who you’ve been looking for!

Ignitum Today

A blog run by and for young adults, which includes reflections on current events, theological issues, spirituality, family life and more.


Aleteia is one of the larger Catholic news sites in the world, and is available in many languages.  It features some of the most well-known Catholic bloggers in the blogsophere with daily commentary as well as articles on spirituality, devotional life, etc.

Neal Obstat

Aside from having possibly the most ingeniously named blog in the Catholic world, Neal Obstat features Dr. Tom Neal’s insightful spiritual commentary on a wide range of topics including family life, marriage, spirituality, and even music.  Check it out!