Ancient Wisdom for Trusting the Father

July 10, 2017

“Trust. Trust. Trust…” the priest says to me through the grill of the confessional. Why is trust so hard for us? And where do we turn to grow in trust? A new place that I have been looking is not new at all, but rather OLD… quite literally. We all love stories… otherwise binge-watching would not be the new national pastime. We get caught up in the stories—we want to…


Ross Poldark and the Beauty of Ordinary Time

June 22, 2017

I’ve recently begun to watch the BBC’s Poldark, a period drama set in the UK at the end of the 1700s.  The series follows Ross Poldark, whose family name gives him entry into the well-to-do of Cornwall.  But Ross, after fighting and nearly dying in the Revolutionary War, returns with a different view toward society.  Rather than follow the typical model his family expects, or moving away from Cornwall due…


Pride, Prejudice, and… Eunuchs?

June 14, 2017

  So June is a big month for Catholics As you may know, it is the month of the Sacred Heart.  Some of the biggest and best liturgical feasts (excepting Easter) usually happen during this month.  The Trinity, Corpus Christi, The Sacred Heart (hence the month’s dedication), the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the Solemnity of Sts. Peter & Paul (June 29), not to mention a whole host of other…


Divine Aspirations and Active Contemplation

January 4, 2017

Ever heard of the Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales?  I’m reading it now and it really is a fantastic book for anyone looking to make a serious start (or restart) of their spiritual life. Combining practical tips with solid theology and great analogies, this book is meant to be a guide for ordinary people to begin to grow in holiness.  Really, the Universal Call to Holiness advocated by…


Living the Joy of Christmas When You’re Still Waiting

December 29, 2016

Christmas is upon us and the joy of this season is real.  This reality of joy, however, looks different for each one of us.   I love Christmas.  All the little gifts–baking cookies, watching Christmas classics, decorating the tree, catching up with friends–are so special to me. Still, as much as I delight in Christmas, I am in no way on this persistent emotional high once the clock strikes midnight to…


Six Months of Tears… Rejoice!

December 14, 2016

  Today is the feast of St. John of the Cross, a mystic, spiritual doctor, and great lover of God.  In looking into his works, I happened across this excerpt of a book on one of his poems.  It is a poem about Christmas where the tears of the infant Jesus become jewels and a source of joy for Mary and human kind.  St. John has a great many beautiful…


Our Lady of Guadalupe: Learning How to Dance from My Mama

December 12, 2016

I’m a New Orleans girl, and I really love to dance.  I love swing dancing, line dancing, second lining, you name it.  Just the other day, I was trying to explain the way we second line to some friends of mine who are not from New Orleans.  After struggling to explain, I realized I really couldn’t do it with words. I was quickly reminded that the best way for me…


What I Learned at MD Anderson (Part I): The Power of Presence and Wrestling God

November 15, 2016

My heart broke a few times today, especially as I kept having to look reality in the eyes and admit the Truth: sometimes God gives us too much to handle. I was sitting there in a room full of people, half of them patients and half of them caregivers. I had just walked through multiple hallways and corridors to reach this one little room where my older brother digitally checked…


Free to Hope: The 2016 Election

November 8, 2016

I was standing in line today to cast my vote and was kind of overjoyed that there are still real people involved in this process of taking my name and checking my address off in a box.  I love that we can see today part of what it means to be human: the capacity to use the gift of our rational natures and to make a choice.   I must admit that my heart…


A Case for the Marthas of the World

October 4, 2016

Today’s Gospel provides an important opportunity to reflect on the ways in which most of us lay folks have to deal with the battle between the active life and the contemplative.  Inspired by today’s reading, my wife wrote this great reflection and I thought it would make a great post!  Please read, enjoy, and share! A case for the Martha’s of the world:  You are not alone. In prayer this…