Sherlock Holmes’ Proof for the Existence of God

February 10, 2017

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most widely renowned and beloved characters in the Western canon, but I am willing to bet that only a handful of people are familiar with his proof for the existence of God right smack in the middle of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s short story, The Naval Treaty.  Dr. Watson writes: “Thank you. I have no doubt I can get details from Forbes. The authorities are excellent…


Discovery’s Planet Earth, St. Augustine, and the Pro-Life Movement

January 27, 2017

[Editor’s Note: This post is the final article in The Catholic Outpost’s inaugural symposium on “The Dignity of Human Life”.  Click on the following links to check out earlier posts on this topic: Dear Sister, Choosing Life in Abundance, Adopted by Providence, and Remembering a Life Lost]   Recently, I came across a fascinating video from Discovery’s Planet Earth series.  In it are seen absolutely stunning high-quality scenes from the furthest reaches…


On a Trump Presidency and Eternal Life: Pope Benedict XVI has a question for you

January 20, 2017

Currently, I am reading (and at times re-reading) my way through Pope Benedict XVI’s papal encyclicals, exhortations, and addresses, and I came across this very pointed question in his encyclical on Christian hope, Spe Salvi.  After speaking of baptism and faith’s necessary relationship to eternal life, the Roman pontiff emeritus asks rather pointedly: “Do we really want this — to live eternally?” (#10) What at first sight appears to be a…


How to Survive a (Catholic) Zombie Apocalypse

January 6, 2017

It’s a new year and — as a result —  we are one year closer to the eventual zombie apocalypse that will inevitably overrun the world.  However, if you are Catholic, then you need not wait for The Walking Dead to become a reality.  You need only to look around your Church to find a whole slew of fellow Catholics doing their best spiritual impression of the undead, and, just…


The Catholic Outpost’s Top 10 Articles of 2016!

December 31, 2016

In honor of the impending new year, here at the Outpost we decided to gather together our most shared and favorite articles from 2016.  We hope you enjoy, and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Top 5 Most Shared Articles of 2016   1.  Modern Science and Catholic Faith: Correcting a False Narrative by Jordan Haddad Recently I had the great pleasure of attending the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars most…


Learning to love with the Holy Family of Nazareth

December 30, 2016

Recently my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world, a daughter named Lily Marie.  Her addition to our family has been more powerful and joy-filled than we could have ever imagined, though this is not to ignore the exhaustion that comes with a newborn!  Here’s a picture of her: By naming her Lily Marie we wanted to honor two Saints who have been and continue to be…


The Prosperity Gospel and the Poor

December 9, 2016

The prosperity gospel is a plague. By “prosperity gospel” I am here referring to the so-called good news of the Joel and Victoria Osteen’s of the world, who preach earthly prosperity as a sign of divine favor. It is a plague for many reasons, but I will focus on the social dimension of this version of the gospel, how it sins against the preferential option for the poor, and what it means if…


Meet our newest contributor, Katie Austin!

December 4, 2016

Katie Austin has been involved in leadership training, facilitation, and ministry since 1997.  Originally from Lafayette, LA, Katie graduated from Tulane University in Marketing and Business Law.  She earned her Juris Doctor/Bachelor of Civil Law degree from LSU Law Center and completed her M.A. in Theological Studies with a concentration in Dogmatic Theology at Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans.  After law school, Katie was the Assistant Director of Religious…


Let’s all take the Incarnation seriously

December 2, 2016

As Christians there are certain truths which we simply cannot cease to continually reflect upon and take seriously for fear of losing the very essence of our faith. Now, I am not so bold as to claim what the central truth of the Catholic faith is, but I will be audacious enough to assert the preeminence of the Incarnation — God’s inserting himself into the world. It is the “mystery…